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Support to the agricultural sector/food security in Eritrea


Pays : Eritrea

Organisme : EuropeAid Development and Cooperation (European Commission)

Maître d’œuvre : Ministry of Agriculture (MoA),

Calendar  : 2009. The execution period of the Agreement will be 84 months. The Operational implementation phase starts from the entry into force of the financing agreement and will have a duration of 60 months. Closure phase of a duration of 24 months starts from the expiry date of the operational implementation phase.


The overall objective is to contribute to poverty reduction through sustainable socio-economic growth in rural areas and enhanced sustainability of rural livelihood.
The purpose (specific objective) is to enhance food security through increased agricultural production and productivity and improve food access at household level.

Résultats escomptés et principales activités

Result 1 : Crop and livestock production and productivity is increased through secured access to water for irrigation and adapted soil and water conservation techniques. Activities related to capital investments for sustainable agriculture will secure water availability through rehabilitating of existing and building new irrigation schemes and dams. Adapted environment-friendly irrigation techniques will be introduced such as sprinkler and drip irrigation. Soil and water conservation activities will be developed around the irrigation infrastructures and in critical areas. Actions in terms of seed storage and dairy product marketing will be developed.

Result 2 : Food access is secured through development of income generating activities mostly related to additional crop and livestock production. Activities related to the integration of crop and livestock production will be developed through better access to crop and livestock inputs, generating additional incomes, and improving livelihood of the poor in the targeted areas.

Result 3 : Food security programme is better planned and managed through capacity building intervention at central and regional levels. The capacity of producers’ association is improved. Activities related to capacity of the central and regional administration will be improved in terms of food security programme planning and management. Support will be provided to the agricultural research and extension sector. Policy documents, legal framework and specific studies related for policy making will be developed. The development of producers’ associations and the private sector will be strengthened through policy and legal framework support.


Coût total : EUR 37 000 000

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