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University of Belgrade (2017)

The illegal migrations from Africa to Europe - case study of Libya as a transit state

Sabri, Ibrahim

Titre : The illegal migrations from Africa to Europe - case study of Libya as a transit state

Илегалне миграције из Африке у Европу - студија случаја Либије као транзитне државе

Auteur : Sabri, Ibrahim

Université de soutenance : University of Belgrade

Grade : Doctoral dissertation 2017

There are many phenomena that overlap and evolve at each stage of certain time depending on the circumstances and the data that is composed. Since the end of the Second World War emerged a number of phenomena that threaten the human race because of the diversity of human interests and it’s overlapping. Problems that have become a threat to security and stability such are contamination of the environment, arms race, drugs, terrorism and illegal immigration just grew worse and widespread since the end of the nineties to the present time and take a new forms, previously unknown. The illegal migration from African to Europe has been exacerbated by the harsh reality experienced by the people of the African continent. Political instability, insecurity and suffering of poverty in most countries of the African continent contributed to the occurrence of illegal migration at coast of the Maghreb countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Mauritania. Migration in the Maghreb countries, although it is as old as the history of Afro-Arab, nowadays takes another dimension and Maghreb countries become crossing points for illegal migration to southern Europe and specifically to the France, Italy and Spain. The phenomenon of illegal migration that has emerged since the end of the nineties had begun to pose a serious threat to the countries of origin of migrants, transit countries and the countries that receiving migrants. Loss of manpower in countries of origin of migrants has impact on the policies of these countries. As a result, instability and political tension in relations between countries of transit and countries of origin and host countries are emerged. The number of illegal migrants is very large which threatens the entire African continent. Population of migrants consists of males who are able to work to the category of women and children. Researchers and analysts are trying to find out the causes of such human suffering which often end with arrest and imprisonment or death. Factors that explain the growing frequencies of this phenomenon are numerous and varied. This research will be the focused on political and economic reasons. Many of researchers see these factors as main in occurrence of illegal migration. As a result of these factors, there may be areas of the expulsion and attractions. Expulsion areas represents African states which are countries of origin of migrants, and the European continent represents the region of attraction, this especially relates on France, Spain and B Italy. Other countries that are covered by this process form so-called transit countries such as a Libya. We will study Libya as a transit area of illegal migration which became a threat to its security, sovereignty, policy and economic status. This requires research into the real reasons which are leading to this tragic problem and analysis of its dimensions and repercussions caused by the reality of the illegal immigration

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