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Support to Namibian Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Programme (NAWASA)


Titre : Support to Namibian Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Programme (NAWASA)

Pays : Namibie

Organisme : EuropeAid Development and Cooperation (European Commission)

Calendar  : 2010 – 2014 The operational implementation phase is 60 months from the date of signature of the Financing Agreement. The operational implementation phase is followed by a closure phase of 24 months.

The specific objective of the SPSP is to contribute to improved access to potable water and to appropriate means of sanitation for the Namibian population. These services need to be sustained through improved cost-recovery rates and improved patterns in knowledge, attitude and practise among water and sanitation users. In achieving this objective the principles enshrined in policy and strategies governing the sector, as well as the implementing institutions, are to be supported.

Résultats escomptés et principales activités
The main results will be the implementation of the Capacity Building Plan, including educational campaigns, both with a particular focus on sanitation ; the establishment of the Water and Sanitation Performance Monitoring System ; as well as the formulation of a Water and Sanitation MTEF, all considered important outcomes of the sector policy dialogue. The SPSP will support the attainment of the targets for the sector indicators water supply (e.g. improvement of rural access to safe drinking water from 80% to 88% and cost recovery from 35% to 45%), as well as targets set for the sector indicator sanitation (e.g. increase of rural access to improved sanitation from 13% to 25%). The water source to be used for increased access to water supply and sanitation, if applicable, will be either surface water stored in dams or groundwater sources.

Financement  : European Union (EU) contribution : EUR 18 000 000

EuropeAid Development and Cooperation (pdf Annexe 1 )

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