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Technische Universität Berlin (2018)

Regional planning and the energy efficiency purposes : case of Tehran region in Iran

Khalili, Mahmoudreza

Titre : Regional planning and the energy efficiency purposes : case of Tehran region in Iran

Auteur : Khalili, Mahmoudreza

Université de soutenance : Technische Universität Berlin

Grade : Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften
- Dr.-Ing – 2018

The background concepts based on which this research is carried out could be divided into four categories ; first, the climate change impacts are clearly visible in urban regions throughout Iran, including Tehran Region ; second, despite the national regulations set to reduce the use of fossil energies, the use of those energies are still high in different consumption types ; third, the Tehran Metropolitan Region Plan as the regional plan for former Tehran Province has paid very little attention to the issues of climate protection and climate adaptation ; and four, there are good capacities in governmental organizations, which could be utilized in order to insert climate adaptation strategies into the urban and regional plans.

With the exception of national-wide general approaches e.g. replacing fossil energy carriers with clean and renewable ones, altering oil-firing vehicles into gas-firing ones, regulating buildings’ construction based on efficient isolating facades, etc. the issue of energy efficiency has been neglected in urban and regional development plans in Iran. It means that the actions needed against the high energy consumption rates, and its effects on climate change and air pollution have been taken into account only in case of consumption types, so the authority organizations are only obliged to act accordingly in a sectoral base. Therefore, there is a perceptible lack of integrated energy management in urban and regional plans especially in the Tehran Metropolitan Region Plan.

Moreover, the impacts of climate change on this region are also disregarded in development plans prepared for that. This is due to the lack of integrated urban and regional planning system working closely with the units responsible for the climate research and climate projections. Whereas, the existing capacities in both urban management bodies and the department of environment could be utilized to incorporate the climate adaptation strategies in urban and regional development plans in Tehran Metropolitan Region. This study highlights the existing efforts, gaps, and capacities and tries to bridge the gap in the organizational frameworks of the responsible authorities.

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