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Grin Verlag (2008)

Production Possibilities in Catchment Areas under Dharabi Dam in Chakwal

Muhammad Aamir Khan

Titre : Production Possibilities in Catchment Areas under Dharabi Dam in Chakwal

Auteur (s)  : Muhammad Aamir Khan
Editeur  : Grin Verlag
Categorie : Thèse de Master,
Date de parution : 2008
Pages : 84

Résumé partiel
Notwithstanding its declining share in GDP, agriculture is still the single largest sector, contributing 21 percent to GDP and employing 44 percent of the workforce. Pakistan’s agriculture is classified as an irrigated one. Out of about 23.5 million hectares of its total culturable land, 19.62 million hectares come from irrigated area, giving about 90% of its total agriculture production. Culturable waste is about 8.32 million hectares. Like in other developing countries, poverty in Pakistan is largely a rural phenomenon ; therefore, development of agriculture will be a principal vehicle for alleviating rural poverty (GOP, 2008).

There could be two possible approaches to increase the agricultural production viz. either by bringing more area under cultivation or increasing the yield per acre. The first option is almost flexible, however, the yield per acre could be increased. To increase the crop yield, water input is the most limiting factor particularly in the barani areas (Bhutta, 99).

The Punjab province contains about 70%, or 14.8 million hectares of Pakistan’s total cultivated area. Of these 12.6 million hectares are irrigated of which 8.3 million hectares is irrigated through the Indus Basin irrigation system. Decentralized irrigation system in the so-called barani (rainfed) tract of the Punjab province irrigate part of the remainder (International Irrigation Management Institute, 1999).

The 2.2 Million hectare Potohar Plateau has a great potential for agricultural and social development. Total cultivated area of Potohar Plateau is around 1.0 Million hectare. Out of this area the Potohar Plateau with the area of 0.24 million hectare (Mha) falls in the civil districts of Chakwal, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Attock and federal territory of Islamabad (Bhutta,1999).

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