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Xinjiang Normal University (2022)

Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on Dust Weather in Hotan,Xinjiang


Titre : Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on Dust Weather in Hotan,Xinjiang

Auteur : 曹永香

Grade : Master 2022

Université : Xinjiang Normal University

Résumé partiel
Dust weather is a kind of disastrous weather frequently occurring in arid areas,which not only seriously harms the sustainable improvement of ecological environment quality in the region,but also seriously affects social and economic development,people’s production and living standards and health conditions in the region.Under the background of rapid global climate change,the climate change in China is also more intense,and various meteorological disasters arising from climate change also emerge endlessly.Xinjiang is located in the interior of the mainland of China,and the climate change in the region is complex.Hotan area in the south of Xinjiang is one of the areas where sand and dust weather occurs most frequently in China.The ecological environment is harsh and the social and economic development level in the region is low.Therefore,it is of great significance to deeply understand and analyze the spatio-temporal variation of climate and dust weather in this region,and to discuss the influence of climate change and human activities on dust weather in the region.This study provides scientific reference and theoretical basis for understanding regional wind-blown sand environment,improving wind-proof and sand-fixing ability,promoting vegetation conservation and ecological restoration,and guaranteeing economic and social production of oasis in arid area.Hotan area is selected as the study area,and the meteorological,sand and dust days and human activity data of 7 meteorological stations in the region are selected.By collecting Populus euphratica tree-ring samples from the downstream of Yulongkashi River and Cele River,Wavelet analysis,M-K mutation test and Inverse Distance Weight were used to analyze the spatio-temporal variation characteristics of main meteorological elements and dust days in Hotan area from 1960 to 2019.The tree-ring chronology was established to analyze the response of poplar growth to climate and the influence of dust weather on it.The bivariate correlation method was used to analyze the correlation between dust weather and climate and human activities,then the influence of the two factors on dust weather is discussed.Research shows that:1)The climate change in Hotan region has obvious response to global climate change,showing a trend of"warming and humidification".The spatial microclimate of each county in Hotan region has some regional differences.The temperature shows a spatial distribution pattern of high in the Midwest and low in the East.The precipitation is concentrated in Pishan in the west and surrounding areas centered on Yutian.The precipitation is relatively low in surrounding areas centered on Hotan and minfeng in the east,and the spatial distribution of relative humidity is consistent with precipitation

Mots clés : Hotan region ;Climatic elements ;Sand and dust weather ;Human activities ;Tree ring ;

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