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Xinjiang Normal University (2022)

Study on the Characteristics of Aeolian Sand Activities on the Surface of Vortex Dunes in the Oasis Desert Transition Zone of Cele,Xinjiang


Titre : Study on the Characteristics of Aeolian Sand Activities on the Surface of Vortex Dunes in the Oasis Desert Transition Zone of Cele,Xinjiang

Auteur : 开买尔古丽·阿不来提

Grade : Master 2022

Université : Xinjiang Normal University

Résumé partiel
This paper mainly aims at the whirlwind dunes formed by different plant sand barriers in the Cele Oasis Desert Transition Zone in Xinjiang,which are seriously damaged by wind and sand.By studying the characteristics of wind and sand activities on the surface of dunes(whirlwind dunes and shrub sand piles),this paper puts forward reasonable suggestions for ecological restoration of Cele Oasis Desert Transition Zone,formulates reasonable measures to prevent desertification and maintains the sustainable development of oasis natural environment,which has important theoretical significance.In this paper,76 sand dunes with different sizes and different plant sand barriers are selected to measure the basic morphological parameters,and the correlation between the morphological parameters is analyzed ;From October 6,2020 to September 25,2021,relatively independent and well-developed Tamarix,huahuachai,camel thorn sand pile and huivortex sand dune are selected to carry out drilling experiments in different geomorphic parts.The number of drilling rods is 351,205 and 306,so as to observe the erosion and deposition changes of sand dunes in different time periods ;151sand samples were selected on the sand dune surface,while the sand material of 0-60 cm section of the other two sand dunes was selected as a comparison.A total of 54 samples were collected for particle size characteristics analysis ;Five sand collecting instruments were installed in different parts of the whirlpool dune of huahuachai shrub to study the relationship between sediment transport and vertical height.Different parts of different large and small whirlpool dunes were selected,and the wind speeds at the heights of0.5m,0.8m and 1.8m were measured by hand-held anemometer for comparative analysis.The conclusions are as follows :(1)In the study of the relationship between the basic parameters of shrub sandpile and whirlpool dune with different plant sand barriers,there is a good correlation between the morphology of shrub sandpile plants ;The vortex trough has a significant positive correlation with the length and height of the vortex dune at the level of 0.01.There is a good linear fitting relationship between the width of vortex sand dune and the shrub height and irrigation amplitude of plant sand barrier,and between the width and height of shrub sand pile.There is also a good linear correlation between irrigation amplitude(East and West)and vortex trough.(2)In the development process of Tamarix,huahuachai shrub sand pile and vortex sand dune in one year,wind erosion is dominant,the deepest depth of wind erosion is up to 30 cm,and the deepest aeolian accumulation is up to 27.8cm,while the aeolian accumulation of camel thorn shrub sand pile and vortex sand dune is dominant.Wind erosion of Tamarix sandpile and whirlwind dune mainly occurs in the northwest wing of whirlwind dune,the bottom of leeward slope,vortex trough,the leeward slope of shrub sandpile,etc.wind deposition mainly occurs in the windward slope and leeward slope of whirlwind dune,and the phenomenon of wind deposition on both wings is also obvious.Wind erosion of huahuachai sandpile and huivortex dune mainly occurs in vortex trough,southwest wing of huivortex dune,two animal horns,bottom and leeward slope of shrub sandpile,and wind deposition mainly occurs in windward slope,northwest wing of huivortex dune and windward slope of shrub sandpile.

Mots clés : Oasis desert transition zone ;Plant;Deposition and erosion change ;Particle size ;Flow field ;Aeolian sand flow structure ;Cele;

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