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Inner Mongolia Normal University (2022)

Plant Community Characteristics and Soil Physicochemical Properties in Southern Badain Jaran Desert


Titre : Plant Community Characteristics and Soil Physicochemical Properties in Southern Badain Jaran Desert

Auteur : 刘璐

Grade : Master 2022

Université : Inner Mongolia Normal University

Résumé partiel
Desertification is a serious type of land degradation that endangers land and ecology all over the world.At present,the development situation of desertification is tense.In order to prevent the further expansion of desertification,various measures have been taken to protect the land and ecology,including the restoration and reconstruction of vegetation.Now a protection mechanism based on biological measures is being established.Vegetation and soil play an important role in maintaining the health of the whole desert system.The study of desert vegetation,soil physicochemical properties and other characteristics is helpful for effective land protection.Affected by the special geographical environment,deserts in arid regions are more sensitive and fragile,and it is more difficult to protect.Therefore,the study of vegetation and soil characteristics and their relationship in Badain Jaran Desert,the largest desert in Inner Mongolia,is helpful to reveal the operation mechanism and effect of desert ecology,and to prevent and control desertification.Based on the data of vegetation and soil obtained from field investigation and soil experiment,this paper analyzes the composition of plant families and genera,community diversity and similarity in the south of Badain Jaran Desert by using the method of phytogeography.The differences of soil physical and chemical properties in five desert areas were compared by one-way ANOVA.Through correlation analysis and redundancy analysis,the relationship between vegetation characteristics and soil properties was revealed.Research shows that :(1)Study on the characteristics of plant communities : From the perspective of vegetation family composition,a total of 37 species in 30 genera and 11 families were recorded,mainly in the family Terrestris,Tribulus,Asteraceae,Legumes,and Grasses ;from the perspective of vegetation life type,there were 21 species of shrubs and 16 species of herbaceous plants.Due to the harsh desert environment,the plant community diversity index in the study area was low,with each index around 0-2,and the sample areas were at a different level.(2)Soil physicochemical properties study : the difference between the average water content of the soil in the study area is large,the maximum value difference is about 5%,the larger sand and wind activity makes the organic matter content generally low,the soil surface salt base is less leached,the soil moisture evaporation is strong,and the soil is alkaline.However,due to the influence of soil matrix,soil texture,climatic conditions,terrain and slope,the soil nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium content showed different variation laws in various areas,and the content was low.(3)Study on the relationship between plant community characteristics and soil physicochemical properties : From correlation analysis and redundancy analysis,soil full-life nutrient and organic matter content have a greater impact on the diversity of plant communities.

Mots clés : Plant community characteristics ;Physical and chemical properties of soil ;Correlation analysis ;Redundancy analysis ;Badain Jaran Desert ;

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