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Understanding Water & Climate-linked - Morocco, Tunisia

Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia )

Titre : Understanding Water & Climate-linked - Morocco, Tunisia

Pays/Région : Morocco, Tunisia

Durée  : May 11, 2020 - April 30, 2021

The project builds on priority #2 in the NSC Strategy : “Help strengthen the rules-based international order and its institutions, encouraging reform to enable further participation of growing powers. We will work with our partners to reduce conflict, and to promote stability, good governance and human rights.” The work will build the capacity of institutions and practitioners in North Africa to manage drought, both present and in the future, including through engagement of young water professional, in developing technical and information solutions for the regional context. It will also bring new insight into the challenges and responses of populations to water scarcity. The various elements of the work have at their core the potential to help reduce conflict and promote stability amongst and within countries.

Financement : World Bank

Présentation : IWMI

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