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Business incubators to support entrepreneurship and MSME creation in Somalia


UNIDO | United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Titre : Business incubators to support entrepreneurship and MSME creation in Somalia

Pays : Somalie

Identification : 200319

Date : Feb 1, 2022 // Jan 31, 2026

The main purpose of the project is to create and improve economic opportunities and jobs for young women and men through the delivery of locally available technology based and innovation-led business incubation services. In particular, the project shall contribute to (general objective) “Create jobs and enable economic growth in the Somali Economy through the promotion of inclusive and suitable entrepreneurship development initiatives" and (specific objective) "Create and improve economic opportunities for young men and women through locally based and innovation-led business incubation services”. The project will support three business incubators, in Somalia, to establish effective business incubation programme, raise the quality and standards of delivery of incubation programme as well as link these incubators for wider outreach to three distance service centers, in an active effort to ensure that all project benefits are far-reaching across the entire Somali peninsula. The project will ultimately ensure that not only business incubation and other entrepreneurship development services are provided by the project supported incubators but also, these incubators, shall become effective business innovation hubs by leveraging existing technologies available at Somali research centers or accessible though collaborations the project will facilitate with innovation and research centers abroad. Primarily the project will focus on providing conducive business environment for 180 beneficiaries who are either potential entrepreneurs with project ideas or existing start-up who needs facility for incubating their business. These services including technology tie-ups, infrastructural support, business mentoring and facilitating credit/investment linkages will ensure that significant number of them will be put in the conditions to prototype products, business models, and test innovations led business in Somalia. A key role of the project will be to facilitate linkages between these incubators and those innovation and technologies providers and drive these technology adaptations to the Somali market needs. In terms of access to finance, a critical feature of this project will also be the facilitation of linkages with various financing schemes available in Somalia, supported by other international partners, like WB, EU and UNIDO. To achieve the above, UNIDO will support Somali business incubation institutions to access, utilize and customize open-source technology solutions, introduce innovations in local production cycles, engaged with foreign partners, investors, project contributors, technology providers, etc., as well as facilitate the establishment of fab-labs to prototype product solutions while learning creative skills useful at helping innovate and modernize traditional business outfits, preserving Somali culture heritage or, even promoting solutions for “greening” the economy

Financement : $5,286,134
Budget : $5,286,134


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