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Promoting just transition and productive employment in Namibia


Titre : Promoting just transition and productive employment in Namibia

Pays : Maroc

Identifiant : NAM/23/01/RBS

Date/Durée : Start date : February 1, 2023 End date :February 28, 2025

This intervention contributes towards the mainstreaming of just transition policy measures into national and sectoral development plans and investment projects in the green hydrogen sector. The Government of the Republic of Namibia has started developing a large-scale green -hydrogen industry to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and to address climate change. A multi-billion-dollar HYPHEN Southern Corridor Development Initiative (SCDI) Namibian Green Hydrogen Project is developed at Tsau in the Khaeb National Park in the Karas Region. The ILO provides technical and policy advice on green jobs and develops the capacity of the government and the social partners on just transitions with the aim of ensuring that investments in this initiative lead to broader social impacts through skills development and job opportunities for Namibians. This intervention builds on the ILO’s on-going support to constituents to formulate the 3rd National Employment Policy, to carry out employment impact assessments and to apply pro-employment and gender-responsive budgeting tools. Key stakeholders of the intervention include the government of Namibia, the HYPHEN consortium, employer and business membership organizations, and workers’ organizations. The expected results of the intervention include : (1) expanded knowledge on the impact of green hydrogen investments and on the skills needed in this value chain ; and (2) a roadmap and a social dialogue mechanism for promoting decent work in the green hydrogen sector.

Partenaire (s) : Core voluntary funds (RBSA)

Total alloué : $ 250,000

Présentation (OIT)

Page publiée le 1er juin 2023