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Empowering Girls through Education Project


Titre : Empowering Girls through Education Project

Pays  : Ethiopie
Localisation : Ewa District Afar Regional State

Code : 2015-12-01

Date de clôture : 2015-12-01

Project Goal • Contribute to the national effort of availing improved access to quality primary education for girls and boys alike Project Objectives • To strengthen the service provision capacity of 10 primary schools in Ewa district to enable 1500 girls and 1500 boys attend their education in equitable manner over the project life. • To enable 30 young girls of age 16-18 become self-supportive through provision of skill training and provide support to use the skill they acquired over the project period • 20% of Ewa populations received various messages on importance of girls’ education through mass media and other mechanisms over the project period.

Bénéficiaires : 3030

Financement : Islamic Relief Netherlands
Value (GBP) : 117,404

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 31 juillet 2023