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Livelihood and Child Protection Improvement Project


Titre : Livelihood and Child Protection Improvement Project

Pays  : Ethiopie

Code : 020_001167

Date de clôture : 2016-02-29

The proposed project will address three community groups : orphan children through their mothers or guardians, the mothers themselves and out of school youths. The project will work on enhancing the livelihood of the widowed mothers and that of the youths. In addition to improving livelihood, the project will address child protection concerns within the community by closely working with youth centres that are established by government and are run by organized youth groups. The proposed livelihood intervention takes into consideration IR’s past experience in the areas, communities’ livelihood practices and the added value of the proposed intervention to the communities. That of the protection, at this level it gives due attention to sensitizing the community on different child protection concerns and HIV/AIDS issues together with youth centres run by youth groups

Bénéficiaires : 3850

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 335,168

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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