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Strengthening Civil Society Organisations Towards Poverty Alleviation in Gaza Strip


Titre : Strengthening Civil Society Organisations Towards Poverty Alleviation in Gaza Strip

Localisation : Gaza Strip

Code : 050_000186

Date de clôture : 2016-12-31

IRPAL is proposing this project of "Strengthening civil society organizations towards poverty alleviation in Gaza Strip" in order to support the Palestinian civil society organizations (CSOs) including the small Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as well as other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through training and equipping them with skills and knowledge to play a more effective and recognized role in the design and implementation of humanitarian and development activities, resulting in effective poverty alleviation. The overall project goal is to : "Strengthened civil society organizations in Gaza Strip towards poverty alleviation with improved efficiency and effectiveness". This goal is in line with Forum Syd’s overall goal "Marginalised people living in poverty have democratic influence and access to basic rights ; and results exist that show changes towards a sustainable, equal society". The Projects specific Goal : is "Improved efficiency and effectiveness of civil society organizations in Gaza Strip". The goals will be achieved through two sub-goals including : • Sub-goal (1) : Capacity building program implemented for 20 civil society organizations in the humanitarian and developmental work • Sub-goal (2) : Upgraded capacity, knowledge and practices of local NGOs in the humanitarian and developmental work up to international standards. • Sub-goal (3) : Young men and women are included and empowered into the humanitarian and development field through internship approach within local CSOs. The project will comprise conducting intensive capacity building programs for target groups, (comprising 10 courses, for 250 staff member of 20 CSOs), in the humanitarian and development work. The targeted CSOs will be selected through advertisement (call for expression of interest) and rapid assessment and appraisal, with preference to those CSOs from the available data base of Islamic Relief Palestine, who used to cooperate with IRPAL in providing humanitarian services to the community in Gaza Strip. The targeted CSOs will be selected from different sectors like : humanitarian and relief, community development, women empowerment, rehabilitation of disabled people, and other related sectors. It will include 6-8 of the well existed NGOs in addition to 12-14 smaller CBOs, which will enable smaller organizaiton to interact with larger ones. On the other hand, the project will include empowering 60 youth volunteers from the targeted CSOs through 6-months internship program after they participate in the capacity building program to enable them contribute to applying the gained knowledge and skills and produce poverty-alleviation strategies and design relevant projects tackling poverty alleviation at the community levels.

Bénéficiaires : 310

Financement : Islamic Relief Sweden
Value (GBP) : 228,833

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