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Endangered otter and invasive mink in Patagonia


Titre : Endangered otter and invasive mink in Patagonia

Pays : Argentine

Dates : Start Date : 01-05-04 // End Date : 31-03-07

To protect the vertebrate biodiversity of Argentina’s Andean-Patagonian region by reducing the impact of invasive American mink and by facilitating the range expansion of endangered native otters in National Parks.

Training of future Argentine biologists and managers and wardens of National Parks of Patagonia. Education of stakeholders, policy makers via workshops/Think Tanks.Action plans and other research products for the conservation of vertebrate biodiversity in Patagonia.Academic output.Several methods of result dissemination.Organisation of a permanent monitoring scheme.

Project Leader : : Professor David Macdonald
Lead Organisation : University of Oxford, WildCRU

Partenaires  : PROFAUNA

Budget : £89,664.00

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