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Keeping the benefits of biodiversity on Soqotra


Titre : Keeping the benefits of biodiversity on Soqotra

Pays : Yemen

Date : Start Date : 01-04-20 // End Date : 31-12-20

The unique biodiversity of Soqotra contributes to livelihoods in an equitable manner with measurable benefits for both people and biodiversity. Through this project we are aiming to publish an article documenting current uses and abuses of Soqotri biodiversity and the lack of transparency in access and benefit sharing ; Recommendations for new access and benefit sharing agreements and regulations ; On the ground activities that demonstrate livelihood and biodiversity benefits, that are sustainable and increase awareness of sustainable management through equitable sharing of benefits (including financial benefits) ; Recognition and implementation of the role of women in traditional crafts that use biodiversity resources, and the equitable sharing of benefits among genders ; Soqotra is one of the poorest regions in a poor country currently suffering from conflict and instability. While there is no active conflict on Soqotra itself, it is isolated through reduced supply chains from Yemen and relies on alternative supply routes that can be extremely unpredictable. This places more pressure on local resources. The ability of Soqotra to make better use of it’s natural resources, and to ensure the benefits are shared equitably and benefit the people of Soqotra is therefore more important than ever

Project Leader : : Alan Forrest
Lead Organisation : Alan Forrest RBGE - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Partenaires  : Environmental Protection Authority (EPA Soqotra)

Budget : £10,000.00

Darwin Initiative

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