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Food security project for vulnerable populations in the Western Logone region


Titre : Food security project for vulnerable populations in the Western Logone region

Pays : Tchad
Localisation : Western Logone region

Dates : 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2026

The agricultural sector in Chad faces challenges related to production systems, notably the poor management of natural resources, their low availability and difficulties in accessing inputs (seeds, fertilisers, etc.) and agricultural equipment. In addition, there are inadequate means of production, a lack of processing units and marketing channels for agricultural products, and the absence of agricultural credit structures and financial windows adapted to the rural world. On the other hand, the great efforts made by producers are not proportional to the small incomes obtained because of the low level of organisation and the weak capacity of the support structure for producers.

Overall : Support vulnerable rural populations to sustainably improve their food and nutrition security.

Specific : Ensure adequate nutrition for vulnerable populations by improving the production performance of rural producers and the economic opportunities of households in intervention areas.

Establish/ strengthen 135 producer groups (organised around agro-pastoral production) Support 135 producer groups to develop 1,000 hectares of irrigated land for rain-fed and flood recession crops Support 135 producer groups for the development of 400 hectares of land for market gardening production Train and support 135 producer groups in efficient agricultural techniques Facilitate access to agricultural inputs for 135 producer groups Support producers in the 9 sub-districts for the production and multiplication of quality seeds Organise exchanges of experience between producers for learning in the Farmer Field Schools Support 135 producer groups to plant fruit trees Build and equip 9 community storage warehouses to facilitate post-harvest management and group sales of agricultural production Support 9 peaceful cohabitation committees for the prevention and management of conflicts between users of shared natural resources Set up and train 135 Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) of women Facilitate the connection of the 135 VSLA with microfinance institutions and access to credit Support 135 VSLA for small livestock through the community solidarity chain Train and support 234 community animal health agents and retrain 9 veterinary agents Train and support 2,680 households to install vegetable gardens Train the leaders of the 135 VSLA on the marketing of agro-pastoral products

Partenaires/Organisation : World Vision Germany

Financement : European Union
Budget : € 1,314,944.44

Fiche projet : CARE Autriche

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