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RECOSOC – Emergency programme for the stabilisation of the G5 Sahel cross-border regions


Titre : RECOSOC – Emergency programme for the stabilisation of the G5 Sahel cross-border regions

Pays : Niger et Tchad
Localisation : Niger : Regions of Agadez and Diffa ; Chad : Lake Provinces and Kanem

Dates : 06.12.2019 – 05.12.2023

Both Chad and Niger are countries in which armed conflicts due to scarce natural resources are common. The regions chosen in this project in both countries are border areas strongly affected by climate change, floods, high food insecurity, malnutrition, gender-based violence, as well as forced migration and internal displacements due to armed conflicts linked to the presence of the Boko Haram group in the Lake Chad basin. The increase in average annual temperatures and the gradual decrease in summer rainfall are adversely affecting harvests. In addition, there is a lack of public investment, that would be necessary for development, and weak local governance.

Overall : Improving food and nutritional security and social cohesion in the most fragile regions of Niger and Chad

Specific : SO 1 : Strengthen the livelihoods of agricultural and pastoralist populations by building resilience to food and nutrition insecurity in a sustainable and structural way. SO 2 : Improve social cohesion and community conflict management related to natural resources in Niger and Chad.

Unconditional cash support Emergency Material/Input Support for Livelihood Development Awareness raising on essential family practices, gender equity, gender-based violence and climate change Screening of children for malnutrition and referral to care facilities when necessary Conditional cash support in the form of CFW/CFL Support for the 16 vulnerability monitoring systems already in place (feedback of information, even across borders, to the level of the municipalities) Establishment of 7 law shops to raise awareness on gender-based violence (GBV) for the benefit of 40,806 women Promotion of birth registration through collaboration between local authorities and community relays Support to women and youth for the development of IGAs Support for the creation/support of savings-credit groups Support for agro-sylvopastoral, fisheries and craft production Cross-border experience exchange visits Training on conflict prevention and management for the benefit of different stakeholders Workshop with authorities for peace building / social cohesion Conducting and updating conflict analyses

Partenaires/Organisation : OXFAM

Financement : European Union
Budget : € 5.049.338,56

Fiche projet : CARE Autriche

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