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Emergency Reponses to Crises Affected Communities (ERAC) Afghanistan


Titre : Emergency Reponses to Crises Affected Communities (ERAC) Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan
Localisation : Herat Province – Western Region

Dates : 01.02.2022 - 31.07.2022

Afghanistan is descending into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Amidst the backdrop of an already dire situation following 40 years of war, economic decline, price increases, and rising poverty, in 2021 the people of Afghanistan faced the worst drought in 27 years which is still ongoing. Following the government transition and then the takeover of the country by the Taliban of Afghanistan in August 2021, all 34 provinces of Afghanistan are facing crisis or emergency levels of acute food insecurity. Moreover, many people have been internally displaced inside Afghanistan during times of conflict, political uncertainty and a country-wide income drop.

Overall Objective : Access to emergency life-saving assistance in Herat province for crisis affected communities.

Specific Objective : Improved access to Cash for Food for vulnerable IDPs and host community households affected by crises.

Project orientation to stakeholder and kick off meeting Development of beneficiary selection criteria Establishment of complaint and feedback mechanism Staff recruitment, community selection and community mobilization Establish cash transfer modality and arrangement of HAWALA (local cash transfer) modality Beneficiaries registration Cash distribution to identified eligible beneficiaries Post distribution Monitoring

Bénéficiaires : 3,955 individuals

Financement : Nachbar in Not
Budget : € 100,000

Fiche projet : CARE Autriche

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