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Supporting Flood Affected Households in Dosso and Tillaberi Regions (Niger)


Titre : Supporting Flood Affected Households in Dosso and Tillaberi Regions (Niger)

Pays Niger
Localisation : Tillaberi,

Code : 020_003576

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The most acute flood affected household are targeted by this intervention within the Regions of Dosso and Tillabery. For all project activities cash voucher programming will be used and HHs will be able to purchase items as per their needs at the stores of selected vendors. ? Provision of Food Items (Cereals, Cooking Oil, Beans, and Salt) to 680 households - in one community, vouchers will be adapted to complement government distributions of cereals and will last communities 1 month, for this community cereals will not be covered by the voucher. In the other community, the voucher value will be sufficient to support all food needs for one month. The voucher value is estimated based on the standard food basket used by WFP and national support plan. ? Provision of NFI (Soap, Mattes, Mosquito nets, Blankets) to 680 households - due to the flooding and the presence of polluted water the need to improve hygiene conditions is urgent to contribute to preventing the outbreak of waterborne diseases. Given the loss of houses and NFIs, the ability of HHs to meet their basic NFI needs will be achieved. Cash Voucher programming will also be used here using the same method as described above. The value of NFI is estimated based on the standard kit proposed by WASH cluster and takes into account that this area is covered by the government distributing malaria nets this season. ? Provision of temporary shelter support ? this will be provided to all 304 HHs with destroyed houses. ollowing Shelter Cluster guidance adapted to local context, through cash vouchers using the same methodology above, HHs will be able to purchase temporary materials. Based on the shelter cluster guidance, HHs will have available to them tarpaulin (2 pieces of 20 square meter each) and rope (2 pieces of 10m), but we will also fix prices for other items which can be used for construction and HHs will be free to choose which best suits their needs. With the materials, HHs will construct temporary shelter to protect them from the weather elements. The value of shelter is estimated based on the standard kit proposed by Shelter cluster ?ÿ 680 households will follow sensitization on Climate Change, Protection (GBV/CP), WASH, Nutrition, and Covid-19 prevention measures ; ? Local traders will be identified screened and invited to participate in Cash voucher operation for food items, NFI and shelter materials. They will be sensitized by IR on Cash voucher approach as well as Covid-19 prevention. Bénéficiaires :

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) :

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 29 juillet 2023