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Somalia Information and Resilience Building Action (SIRA)


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Somalia Information and Resilience Building Action (SIRA)

Pays/Région : Somalie

Durée : 10.12.2018 - 30.11.2022

The Somali population has remained chronically food insecure over the years with acute emergency needs during the cyclic drought periods. Switzerland contributes, through its support to enhanced fodder production and income, to the longer-term resilience building of the Somali communities. By supporting the provision of information and data for decision making, the formulation of evidence-based policy making and the use of the data for increased protection and resilience will enhanced.

Projet en bref
* Contexte : Frequent droughts, other natural disasters and conflicts have left Somali populations chronically food insecure and with frequent large scale humanitarian crisis. The recurrent shocks have severe impacts on the livestock sector that supports over 60% of the population in Somalia. The sector provides food, employment and incomes and contributes 40% of the GDP. In Awdal region of Somaliland, women however earn less than half compared to men, have less access to resources and less decision making powers. The limited institutional capacities, weak early warning, and inadequate productive capacity of communities have further led to continual disruption of livelihoods, increased vulnerability and poverty. Fodder is a key resource for Somali communities and their livestock, both in regards to livestock productivity, income and prevention of emergencies during drought periods. Information on food security, water and land is essential for appropriate action by governments and communities and thus for preventing of humanitarian crises.
* Objectifs  : Resilience for agro-pastoral households improved through increased income from improved fodder value chains and Somalia households’ resilience to future shocks improved.
* Groupes cibles  : - The project component in Awdal region of Somaliland on fodder value chain interventions will directly benefit 45’000 individuals (7500 households) – who are mainly agropastoralists, and estimated 50% women population. - Early warning and early action information provided through FSNAU and SWALIM, will mainly benefit the Somalia Government institutions, other national institutions, the larger Somali public and development partners, who can better plan and regulate drought emergencies and inform community resilience building

Budget de la Suisse  : CHF 6’880’000

Présentation : Coopération Suisse

Page publiée le 29 juillet 2023