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Strengthening the Role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Municipalities towards Environment in the Gaza Strip


Titre : Strengthening the Role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Municipalities towards Environment in the Gaza Strip

Localisation : Gaza Strip

Code : 050_000535

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The proposed project “Strengthening the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and municipalities towards environment protection in the Gaza strip” will be implemented by Islamic Relief Palestine (IRPAL) in partnership with the local organization Bayader in Khan Younis Governorate in Gaza Strip. The targeted area is facing a lot of environmental problems such as lack of systems for solid waste management and management of sewage water, as well as contamination of drinking water. This deprives the communities of a clean, safe, and healthy environment, including access to safe drinking water. The targeted communities also suffer from the effects of climate change. Furthermore, CSOs in the target area are in need of capacity building and strengthening in advocacy methods and related topics. There is no organization for advocacy and community influence in the communities, communities do not participate in decision making processes, and there are limited existing links for dialogue between communities, CSOs, and municipalities. This intervention aims to contribute to increased access to human rights related to environment for marginalized communities of Khan Younis Governorate. That includes access to safe drinking water, as well as safe management of solid waste and sewage water so as to protect the environment from pollution and degradation. The project will empower CSOs and members of targeted communities (rights-holders) to advocate for and claim their rights, and hold duty-bearers accountable. Municipalities in Khan Younis, as the principal duty-bearer, will be engaged in the project to increase their responsiveness in fulfilling the rights of the community members they serve. This project is expected to achieve the goal ; Communities in Khan Younis Governorate have increased access to their environment related rights, and duty-bearers are increasingly held accountable and responsive in fulfilling these rights through the following three key sub-goals : ? Bayader and 8 local CSOs in Khan Younis Governorate have the capacity and competence to work with advocacy related to environment protection towards duty-bearers within a humanrights based approach ? Strengthened role of municipalities in Khan Younis Governorate as principal duty-bearers to environmental concerns of the communities. ? Increased responsiveness of duty-bearers to their obligations and fulfilment of community rights to proper environmental services through community mobilization. The key activities will be to build capacities of CSOs to represent the local communities and advocate for improved environmental protection measures using a human rights based approach (HRBA). Furthermore, communities will be organized through the establishment of Self Help Groups (SHGs), and community initiatives for an improved environment will be facilitated.

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Financement : Islamic Relief Sweden
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