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Supporting Health and Agricultural Services through Internship of Graduates


Titre : Supporting Health and Agricultural Services through Internship of Graduates

Localisation : Gaza Strip

Code : 020_004145

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The proposed project is intended to provide an urgent relief to the most vulnerable households affected by the last conflict to improve their access to equitable and quality health rehabilitation services and productive capacity using “internships and temporary employment opportunities” at the local health rehabilitation NGOs and service providers as well as at agriculture CSOs and damaged agriculture assets, addressing early recovery and also medium term and developed needs in order to prevent further deterioration of services and livelihoods. The project will build foundation for community-driven recovery by developing capacities of local CSOs and NGOs involved in the planning and implementation of intervention while enhancing youth employability and access to the labour market. Specifically, the project includes the following two areas of intervention : • Internship opportunities for 90 graduates for 8 months in local rehabilitation institutions that provide health care and rehabilitation services to injured, disabled and elderly people who are facing problematic access to rehabilitation services and generating income for youth at the food-insecure HHs (Average £360 per person/ month). • Temporary employment opportunities for 22 semi-skilled/ unskilled labours in the Agriculture sector for 8 months in order to restore agriculture livelihoods and enhance resilience and food security of rural HHs (Average £290 per person/month) The project will directly supports and builds upon IRPAL’s post-recovery plan and it aligns with the national plans and priorities for the early recovery requirements. Also, it is linked to the country HRP [SO3], specifically the FSS Objective 1 : “Livelihoods of vulnerable households are protected, and their resilience, food security and productive capacity restored/enhanced”, and Health Cluster Objective 2 : “Strengthen the healthcare system’s capacity to respond to emergencies and build community resilience to cope with the impact of current and future crises”. The project activities are being designed and will be implemented in close cooperation with line ministries, local partners and other key stakeholders.

Bénéficiaires : 33772

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
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Islamic Relief Worldwide

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