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Empower high-end vegetable supply chain by young plant production


Titre : Empower high-end vegetable supply chain by young plant production

Pays : Algerie

Dates : Start date : 1 July 2013 // End date : 7 September 2021

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-PSI13DZ02

Programme : Private Sector Investment programme (PSI)

The project will be executed as a joint venture between 4 partners. Applicant Grow Group International B.V. wants to start a joint venture with local partner Global Santé, which is a trade company that (through its owner) is participating in Primagri, a seed company in a joint venture with Cotugrain Hortimag. Cotugrain Hortimag will become partner in this joint venture project as well. Cotugrain Hortimag is a company in horticultural supply of raw materials in Tunisia and owns a subsidiary young plant nursery in joint venture with Pépinière Grow Tunisia. Pépinière Grow Tunisia will also become partner in this Algerian joint venture. In this way Algerian trade experience will be combined with Dutch horticultural experience and nursery experience in Tunisia that is a neighbouring country of Algeria.
The partners are going to establish the first professional young plant nursery in Algeria to supply the demand of local vegetable growers with top quality disease-free young plants material.As is usual in professional Dutch nurseries, but new to Algeria, the growers themselves will provide the seeds. The nursery will grow them to young plants. This allows growers a preference for seed companies.
The project partners will continue to provide agricultural assistance (growing media/substrate, soil tests, fertilizer advice etc), after delivery of the young plants. Apart from the growing from seed, the nursery will grow and sell its own (grafted and non-grafted) plants.Until now, vegetable growers face a shortage of reliable young plant material. They tried to import from the Grow nursery in Tunisia, but face export/import problems. This is one of the main reasons to start a nursery in Algeria. The traditional working method in Algeria is poorly developed and leads to severe production losses and poor plant quality. Therefore, it was never profitable for growers to invest in hybrid, high yielding seeds.
The combination of a professional nursery and professional agricultural advice on new young plant cultivation techniques (substrate), the use of grafted plants and hybrid seeds, will result in a substantial increase of production yields and empowers a reliable and sustainable vegetable supply chain in Algeria. This pilot project contributes to the improvement of the market position of local growers. With higher yields they will be able to respond to the existing local demand for vegetables on the local fresh market and for industrial use.

Partenaire (s) : etherlands Enterprise Agency, Pepiniere Grow Tunesia, Cotugrain Hortimag, Global Santé, Grow Group International B.V.

Budget Total : €609,126

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

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