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Milk for Preschoolers


Titre : Milk for Preschoolers

Localisation : Gaza Strip

Code : 020_001971

Date de clôture : 2017-07-30

The Milk for Preschoolers (MFP) project will be implemented in order to combat the incidence of malnutrition among Palestinian children. This is an essential project that works by supplying fortified milk, high energy biscuits and other types of nutritious meals to Palestinian children in preschools in needy communities. Islamic Relief intends to implement this project to reduce the health problems of Gaza children caused by Malnutrition. The targeted preschools are those in the marginalized and vulnerable areas of the Gaza Strip which are characterized by poverty and food insecurity. Expected Outputs Output 1 : 2,000 Children provided with fortified milk, high energy biscuits, and other nutritious meals. Output 2 : 2,000 mothers and preschool teachers received awareness session in terms of child nutrition, health and hygiene.

Bénéficiaires : 2000

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
Value (GBP) : 144,190

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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