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Drought Emergency Relief in Wajir, Garissa and Mandera Counties, Kenya


Titre : Drought Emergency Relief in Wajir, Garissa and Mandera Counties, Kenya

Pays  : Kenya
Localisation : Wajir

Code : 020_002243

Date de clôture : 2017-06-14

This is a three (3) months project aimed to provide immediate lifesaving support to communities affected by drought in Wajir, Mandera and Garissa counties who are in dire need of lifesaving supplies (food and water). The project has targeted to support a total of 1300 households (7,800 persons) providing monthly food ration and portable water. The project involves provision of food supplies to the targeted households, following the vulnerability criteria. With the increased malnutrition cases especially in children under 5 years and mothers who are pregnant and lactating, it is expected that the intervention will provide alternative food as food packs rich in carbohydrates, proteins, pulses and vegetable oils. The procurement and distribution of the essential live saving nutrition commodities will address the immediate food requirements and save life. The project has also proposed supply of water to the targeted communities and social facilities such as health facilities and Schools. This shall include water trucking using tankers to the most severely affected villages. Water will be sourced from the existing water points, available in far distances and delivered/drained to the storage facilities within the affected villages for re-distribution. And to support water storage and utilization at household level, the project has proposed provision/supply of water storage facilities. These include 20 litres water Jeri-cans to be used to carry and store water delivered and shared at the community water storage facilities. Owing to the over-use of the existing strategic water facilities, the project will support rehabilitation of some of these (the very strategic), water points through procurement and provision of fast moving and worn-out spare parts. This will support immediate repair and replacement of the worn out parts to maintain constant water supply. By doing this, the project aims to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of the society, mostly women ,children, persons with disability, sick and aged persons, who cannot walk long distances in search of food and water thus saving lives.

Bénéficiaires : 7800

Financement : Islamic Relief UK
Value (GBP) : 150,000

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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