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Integrated Program for Dadaab Camp Refugees and Host Community


Titre : Integrated Program for Dadaab Camp Refugees and Host Community

Pays  : Kenya
Localisation : Garissa,

Code : 020_001697

Date de clôture : 2016-08-23

The Dadaab Sub-County hosts the largest refugees’ camp in the world, with the asylum seekers being multinational but with the largest number mostly from Somalia. The proposed project intends to integrate Education, water supply, hygiene and sanitation, Health and Nutrition interventions to to support Refugees and host community in Dadaab. The project is intended to complement the on-going projects under the funding from UNHCR and other IR partners both in the Host and refugee community- under Health and Nutrition, Education and WASH programmes ;. Health and nutrition component shall include provision of primary health care and nutrition services to over 100,000 refugees in IFO, with major service delivery in IFO Hospital and 6 health posts (Health Post 1, 5, 7, E1-Old Hospital, N0, and N12). The project will complement the on-going primary education programme by increasing the protection of learners in schools and increasing the hygiene and sanitary standards amongst learners and teachers. Currently IRK is managing 18 primary schools with the Early childhood education, inclusive special needs education and primary education mainstream. It is expected that with the integration of the proposed project, a conducive and secure learning environment shall be provided to the learners with the major focus on child protection as the key theme in programming. WASH in the host community will focus on improving access to water and the efficiency of use ; in order to improve efficiency of use a number of households and Water Users Association will be educated and trained on hygiene. Rehabilitation and renovation of the existing water sources shall be done in the host community mainly through construction and maintenance of boreholes and water storage facilities.

Bénéficiaires : 100000

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 1,096,412

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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