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Tilapias fish farming pilot project in Sahrawi refugee camps (Extension)

Algérie (Réfugiés Sahraouis)

Titre : Tilapias fish farming pilot project in Sahrawi refugee camps (Extension)

Pays Algérie (Réfugiés Sahraouis)

Durée : FROM 09/01/2022 TO 07/31/2023

Following the construction and start of operation of the N’khaila fish farm in the previous phases of the project, this 3rd phase focuses on the development of fish farming in the camps and the empowerment of the structure. Five micro-projects are developed with the main objective of popularising fish farming in the Saharawi refugee camps.

To enable this, training courses are delivered by consultancies for N’khaila fish farm staff. These trainings will strengthen the technical knowledge and management capacities of the staff. Amid the people benefiting from these trainings, 5 of them will receive additional training to manage one micro-fish farm in each camp. Technical improvements are also being made to the N’khaila farm, such as the installation of a heating water system for the incubation tanks.

To ensure production and distribution of Tilapias to the camp communities, the production of the N’khaila farm is reinforced. Incubation is still taking place there and brood stock is purchased to increase and renew the farm’s stock. Fish growth and pond maintenance are carried out by the farm team. Finally, the fish are harvested for sale or distribution.

Meanwhile, the procedures required to supply the fish farm micro-projects with all the necessary equipment are being launched.

This last phase of the project aims at enabling the fish farm to become self-sufficient. However, to reach that goal, the structure must achieve a sufficient level of economic viability. Funding will therefore still be required over the next few years, particularly for the purchase of food, equipment and tools.

Bénéficiaires : 269 People

Financement : WFP (World Food Programme)
Budget global : 337,000 dollars

Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH)

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