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Improving children’s access to conflict-sensitive education


Titre : Improving children’s access to conflict-sensitive education

Pays Syrie

Durée : FROM 11/01/2019 TO 12/31/2020

This project targets the isolated rural areas of Dara’a and Eastern Ghouta, which have been severely affected by the conflict and have school infrastructure that have suffered extensive destruction. In addition, the targeted areas have long been poorly served by humanitarian actors due to insecurity. In all targeted areas, the number of functioning schools is either zero or far too small to welcome all school-age children. Similarly, many schools do not offer sufficiently satisfactory conditions for the reception of children but, for lack of better conditions, are nevertheless in operation.

In response to this situation, this project includes first of all activities aimed at covering immediate needs - rehabilitation of schools (including sanitary facilities) in order to contribute to the creation of a safe learning environment. Rehabilitation works also ensure that children are no longer exposed to intruders or difficult conditions both in winter and summer. School kits are also provided to school children, as most families cannot afford to buy them. The provision of these items mitigates the risk of school drop-out and acts as a pull factor for children currently out of school. School and recreational materials are also provided to schools in order to enable them to better welcome students.

The project also includes components aimed at strengthening the resilience of the targeted communities in the long term through capacity building of school staff but also through community inclusion (e.g. to identify out-of-school children and promote the importance of education). Finally, TGH organises tutoring courses for children at risk of dropping out of school, as well as remedial courses for out-of-school children to enable them to catch up before they go back to school, for a better integration.

Bénéficiaires : 3,596 people

Partenaires : These actions are carried out in partnership with the Syrian Red Crescent and the Syrian Ministry of Water Resources.

Financement : Syria Humanitarian Fund
Budget global : 764,327 Dollars

Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH)

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