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Solar Powered Wells in Kenya


Titre : Solar Powered Wells in Kenya

Pays  : Kenya
Localisation : Nairobi, Wajir,

Code : 020_002582

Date de clôture : 2018-08-27

IRK has since 2006 successfully implemented WASH programs investing more on ground water resources including shallow wells and deep boreholes which are the only available and reliable source for the communities in North Eastern, Kenya. Shallow wells provide water for about 40% in Northern Kenyas pastoral communities. Shallow wells provide the only source of water for the communities living in areas where the ground water table is relatively high of along permanent rivers. In some instances, shallow wells are dug to tap water from sand pans through infiltration galleries. However, finding efficient means of pumping/lifting water from the shallow wells has been a major challenge, and this has forced beneficiaries to draw water using ropes, buckets and tedious manual hand pumps requiring considerable human energy - filling a 20 litre jerry can takes up to 15 minutes. Shallow wells are mostly stationed strategically depending on ground water potential according to geophysical survey that are mostly justified by the history of a given area. Therefore, in addition to the strenuous labour involved in lifting the water, communities in target locations also have to walk far distances to the shallow wells to access water. It is a priority to make water access easier for communities, which requires pumping water out of the wells and creating a pipe network to bring the water closer to communities. This project aims to develop a total of four (4) community based shallow wells and to equip these with a green pumping system by installing solar powered pumps as an alternative to the manual hand pumps normally used. With installation of solar powered pumping systems these communities will be able to access water within minimum time, less cost/maintenance and free solar energy that is available in abundance, which will greatly improve the lives of target communities. Solar pumping reduces the time required to fill a 20L jerry can from approximately 10 minutes to 1 minute.

Bénéficiaires : 2400

Financement : Islamic Relief Switzerland
Value (GBP) : 78,919

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