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Health, Education and Agricultural Livelihood Support in Balcad, Benadir & Beledweyne Somalia


Titre : Health, Education and Agricultural Livelihood Support in Balcad, Benadir & Beledweyne Somalia

Pays  : Somalia
Localisation : Bondhere, Daynile, Balcad, Beledweyn,

Code : 020_003499

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The objective of this project is to deliver a set of integrated and coordinated recovery interventions for the target population in Balcad, Banadir & Beledweyne. This effort will provide the targeted beneficiaries affected by conflict, difficult economic conditions, droughts, escalation of the price of basic commodities and lack ofÿÿ government services with long term recovery and development assistance. This will lead to reduced level of vulnerability, marginalization and economic set-back among the vulnerable population with a focus on women, children, youth and those with special needs.ÿ A sustainable health, livelihood and business development programme will increase the potential of farmers, women, children, and other vulnerable community members to address their economic well-being, improve their living conditions and promote sustainable livelihoods. IR Somalia is the implementing agency. The project will provide primary health care services to 15,000 households (or 90,000 vulnerable individuals) in Balcad, Benadir & Beledweyne districts through support to the health facility.ÿ The Health facility is currently functional and health staff are running the health facilities voluntary after the previous project ended due to the high health needs among the IDPs and host communities (HCs). ÿ On food security the project will support 1,000 farming households (or 6,000individuals) in and around Beledweyn and Balcad with provision of low cost agricultural and high-quality technology to increase food production. This crucial project encourages communities to embark on food production.ÿ The current farming communities in Beledweyn and Balcad will be supported using agricultural technology to help them increase production. The project will strengthen community level resilience by supporting communities to improve positive coping capacities through supporting community income generating activities such as micro financing and skills improvements training provided to women Self Help Groups (SHGs). This will help communities provide support to the most marginalized children in terms of access to household income and livelihood improvements based on the specific needs in the specific contexts at the community level. ÿ This project is in line with IR Canada ?s charitable mandate and aim at alleviating human suffering, providing relief from poverty, facilitating education activities, promoting sustainable socio-economic development, and elevating standards of living for individuals regardless of race, gender, or religious background. The recent flooding in May 2020 has severely affected to the population in Baladweyne town and surrounding riverine villages/settlements. The flooding has displaced 45,000HHs (270,000individuals) of Baladweyne residents, as well the floods damaged livelihood system and infrastructure. The WASH and shelter sectors are destroyed. Over 95% of the latrines are destroyed jeopardizing the dignity, safety, health and wellbeing of the population from open excretion.ÿ Approximately 90% of semi-permanent shelters for poor households are destroyed exposing safety risk to unprotected IDP households.

Bénéficiaires : 97800

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
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