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Reliable Water for Sanag - Puntland (RWAS)


Titre : Reliable Water for Sanag - Puntland (RWAS)

Pays  : Somalia
Localisation : Puntland,

Code : 020_003958

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

Due to the recurrent droughts and underdeveloped water infrastructure, access to clean drinkable water is a challenge in the arid and semi-arid areas of Puntland regions. The water scarcity affects women and girls negatively because they are responsible for fetching collect water for domestic use. They fetch water from long distances exposing them to protection risks. The minorities and marginalized groups are excluded from accessing the few water services provided by the aid agencies. The proposed project will be implemented in Badhan district Sanaag region of Puntland state. The region has a high population density estimated at 544,123 individuals. The region is one of the least developed regions in Puntland. There few development infrastructures compared to the other regions of Puntland. The main water sources in Sannag region are Berkads and few shallow wells. Badhan district is a city in Sanag and home to 163,162 people. The area is usually dry during the drought and the town has one borehole with yield of 15m3 /hr. The borehole is does not adequately meet the towns water needs let alone surrounding villages. To respond to these challenges and to increase access to water, Islamic Relief Somalia will drill one borehole in Badhan to support approximately 7,200 venerable people in the district to get adequate and permanent water. The borehole will decrease the suffering of the local population and improve access to water. The project will increase the amount of water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. The objective is to ensure 7,200 individuals (1200HHs) receive at least

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Financement : Islamic Relief UK
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