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Agriculture Based Livelihood Support for the Vulnerable Syrians


Titre : Agriculture Based Livelihood Support for the Vulnerable Syrians

Pays  : Syrie
Localisation : Idleb,

Code : 020_003518

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The proposed project seeks to improve the livelihood situation of 1,050 households (5,309 individuals) through livestock and agricultural support in Harim District of Idleb Governorates. The project is developed based on the primary need assessment conducted through focus group discussions and key informant interviews in Eleven communities including Merat Elshalaf, Sardin, Kafr Hind, Tellemar, Saidiyeh, Abu Talha, Allani, Hamziyeh, , Tilaada, Selwa, Hezreh in Idleb Governorate. Islamic Relief will conduct a detailed household level need assessment to identify, 500 families to provide with agricultural input (winter) including wheat seeds, fertilizers and basic tools. These families will be provided with ongoing technical support to improve their knowledge and practices to get best yield. The estimated yield will be sufficient to cover the food needs of the household and any excess can be sold in the market to create income generation. The direct recipient of Agriculture support will be 250 men and 250 women. 550 families (who have existing livestock) will be provided with sheep feed and dry fodder (straw). During the gestation period the sheep will be provided feed. This will be the winter period when the feed is most expensive and unaffordable. The sheep will be vaccinated to prevent them from prevailing diseases. The households will also receive livestock kit to help them in collecting and processing milk. The expected milk production is sufficient to cover the household diary needs and any excess can be sold in the market to contribute to the income. The direct recipient of this component will be 275 men and 275 women. The beneficiaries of both component will be connected to the markets by providing all the necessary information about where agricultural and livestock products are sold near to their lands and the current market prices, which help beneficiaries not to travel long distances in addition to linking wheat producers with the beneficiaries of the same project in order to conduct an exchange of products, which contributes to reducing the costs of selling through intermediaries and contributes to the beneficiarys access to various animal products in the same place in order to obtain various products that meet their requirements. All information is provided through continuous communication with the groups of formed committees through awareness sessions conducted by the Islamic Relief Team.

Bénéficiaires : 500

Financement : United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
Value (GBP) :

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 16 août 2023