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Family Sponsorship in Northern Syria (Pilot)


Titre : Family Sponsorship in Northern Syria (Pilot)

Pays  : Syrie
Localisation : Azaz, Aleppo,

Code : 020_003778

Date de clôture : Signaler en cours en Juillet 2023

The project aims to provide enabling environment to help Syrian families and their children, especially those with disabled or orphaned children, to live a dignified life and to overcome their financial, social and psychological problems to be better able to integrate in society, where the family sponsorship project in Syria is going to be one of the most important projects to help Syrian families that have no breadwinner, and also for those with qualified breadwinners but they live under the poverty line because of the lack of job opportunities due to the destructed infrastructure and the absence of economical activity in Syria. The project will be directly implemented by Islamic Relief Syria through its operational office in Azaz, and that will be based on the IR Turkey’s experience of its implementation of 1-2-1 program for Syrian refugee orphans and their guardians in Turkey, the lessons learned from it and using the solutions that were brought up against the many difficulties and challenges experienced during the implementation of 1-2-1 project, where the main reason for implementing the family sponsorship project using the implementation procedure of the 1-2-1 project is because the 1-2-1 project was targeting the help of Syrian families’ orphans, therefore, the two projects are going to be similar in the way they are implemented. The project will target both the IDP and host population so that the social tensions among the two groups are minimized and equal opportunities are provided to help the extremely vulnerable families to stand on their own feet and build a culture of resilience. Whereas we constructed an execution procedure for the project which goes like this : Recruit and train project team that to coordinate with all relevant stakeholders to ensure ownership and avoid duplication in collected data for Syrian families that need support, then conduct door to door visit to the list of approved beneficiaries in order to collect information about the families and share it with the doners, once one of them get supported, we will transfer monthly sponsorship through Turkish postal service, in addition, IR team will follow up on families through frequent visits to ensure the families receiving their sponsorship.

Bénéficiaires : 500

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
Value (GBP) :

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 16 août 2023