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Installation of BHH Solar (Bab-Al-Hawa Hospital Solar) System


Titre : Installation of BHH Solar (Bab-Al-Hawa Hospital Solar) System

Pays  : Syrie
Localisation : Idlib,

Code : 020_002029

Date de clôture : 2017-07-28

The project’s purpose is to install solar power system including all equipment and components for Bab Al Hawa hospital located at the Turkish-Syrian border, in Northern Idlib. The equipment, worth over 300,000 EUR is provided by a German supplier and is procured by GIZ. The solar power system is expected to provide electricity for critical-sections at Bab-Al Hawa hospital that requires continuous supply of electricity, and is expected to reduce the overall consumption of diesel by approximately 30%. The implementation phase which will start upon the receipt of the material, involves mobilizing a Team of technical and engineering professionals to construct a housing facility for the electrical equipment, and to install the mechanical, electrical, and communication systems constituting the overall solar power (photovoltaic) system. The system main components include 480 solar modules (with total electrical capacity of 125 kWdc), 23 Inverters (100 kWac), and 288 batteries (850 kWh storage capacity). The installation is expected be completed within 10 weeks from mobilization, and commissioned/turned-on before 12 weeks.

Bénéficiaires : 70680

Financement : WAQF Department (IRW)
Value (GBP) : 45,000

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