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Study of Irrigation Improvements in rural regions (Senegal)


Titre : Study of Irrigation Improvements in rural regions (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Dates : Start date : 1 May 2015 // End date : 4 May 2016

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-LED15DAK02

Programme : Leads for Economic Development (PSD Toolkit)

The objective of this study is to identify the opportunities for Dutch companies in the irrigation products and services delivery market in Senegal.

This project was implemented within the framework of the L4ED programme (Local Economic Development/Leads for Economic Diplomacy) and initiated by the Netherlands representation. The project aimed to contribute to (the enabling environment for) local private sector development as well as economic diplomacy. It concerns a small intervention that serves as catalyser for further developments.

Partenaire (s) : Newal Merabet, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Budget Total : €30,129

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Page publiée le 7 septembre 2023