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Entrepreneurship for youth and women

Burkina Faso

Titre : Entrepreneurship for youth and women

Pays : Burkina Faso

Dates : Start date : 1 April 2020 // End date : 10 September 2020

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-PST20BF02

Programme : PSD Toolkit – Phase 2

This project is based on the Scoping mission Report on Entrepreneurship and Job Creation in Agricultural Value-Chains in the Sahel. The recommendations from this study, that was supervised by RVO and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bamako, Mali, are used to develop a multi annual project, contributing to entrepreneurship and (youth) employment in Burkina Faso.

Partenaire (s) : Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Stichting Crosswise Works

Budget Total : €52,575

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Page publiée le 28 août 2023