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Livelihood and Small Enterprise Projects in Hodeida


Titre : Livelihood and Small Enterprise Projects in Hodeida

Pays  : Yemen

Code : 020_001996

Date de clôture : 2017-03-01

The objective of this project is to contribute to poverty reduction and economic recovery interventions for the target families in selected districts in Hodeida governorate. This effort will provide those beneficiaries affected by violent conflict, difficult economic conditions, escalation of the price of basic commodities and lack of government support (or access to it) with livelihood and small businesses assistance in Hodeida governorate of Yemen. This will lead to reduced levels of vulnerability, marginalization and economic set-back among the vulnerable population ; with a focus on women, children, youth and those with special needs. A sustainable livelihood and youth employment intervention will increase the potential of farmers, women, children, youth and other vulnerable community members to address their economic well-being, improve their living conditions and promote sustainable livelihoods. This project aims to improve the income of the targeted beneficiaries to be able to support their families improve their life condition, increase their food intake statue and be able to afford better life for their family members and children in Almunira, Alqanawis, and Alhawak districts of Hodeida governorate. Islamic Relief Yemen has implemented an integrated project funded by DFID and IRUK with focus on three sectors livelihood, youth empowerment and nutrition for 3 years targeting more than 18900 people. The implemented project has trained the beneficiaries, empowered them, and provided inputs for each beneficiary to start their own business. This project will provide assistance and inputs to those beneficiaries that are still in need to expand their business to improve their monthly income. The project will focus on farmers, animal breeders and youth who have been trained to provide them with small businesses to be able to generate an income to support their families. The male-youth beneficiaries have been trained vocational training in the fields of electricity, mobile phone repairing, motorcycle maintenance, air-conditions. the female-youth have been trained in the fields of sewing and embroidery and hair-dressing. The farmers (All men) and animal breeders (All women) have been trained on improve their products, marketing products, business plan, marketing co-ordination and sharing of skills, leadership, innovative agro-business and management

Bénéficiaires : 350

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 38,133

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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