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Psycho-social and Recreational Support for War Affected Children in Yemen


Titre : Psycho-social and Recreational Support for War Affected Children in Yemen

Pays  : Yemen

Code : 020_001916

Date de clôture : 2017-01-31

The proposed 8 months project will focus on children of displaced and conflicted affected familiesas well as host community children of Jehana and Sanhan districts of Sanaa governorate in Yemen. Islamic Relief Yemen will create equal opportunities of psychosocial care and recreational activities for the displaced and host community children in the two targeted districts in Sanaa governoreate. As part of the humanitarian response to the complex emergency in Yemen, IRY will ensure that the project benefits children who were left out of schools as a result of the ongoing conflict and children with special needs. This will be ascertained that IDP children and children with special needs get access to the schools which the project will target. The project will also focus on girl’s needs and will work with key partners including parents to increase access to education for out of school children and reduce the risks being faced by children as a result of the on-going conflict and IDPs crisis in the country. The proposed project will be implemented through strong integration of education with the focus on psycho-social support and child protection, where disaster risk reduction (DRR) and hygiene and health will be considered as cross cutting issues. Islamic Relief Yemen will establish 8 Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in 8 schools by upgrading one existing class-room in each school for the concept of child friendly and by providing all the essential materials and updgrading required to make the space child freindly. The purposed intervention is to enable the children to continue learning and at the time provide them psycho-social support which is highly needed due to extreme traumatic events which the children in the targeted areas have been exposed to for along time. Availability of child-centred and child friendly learning environment are key to the protection of the children affected by war as well as restoring normalcy for them and recovery in their cognitive and emotional aspects. Moreover IR Yemen will provide additional support to the existing government educational facilities through building the capacity of the teachers and equipping them with knowledge and skills on PSS and child protection to improve their performance and capacity working with children from IDP families as well as host communities who were exposed to conflicts.

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Financement : Islamic Relief Sweden
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