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Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen


Titre : Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen

Pays  : Yemen
Localisation : Al Hudaydah,

Code : 050_000257

Date de clôture : 2017-10-31

The proposed project will be implemented in two districts of Hodeidah governorate : Zabid and Bait AlFakih, where 557 vulnerable and conflict affected HHs will be targeted across the two districts, creating direct positive livelihood impact for 3,892 people, using inclusive, participatory and conflict-sensitive tools to mobilise and involve them in the proposed activities. This project will involve activities mainly focusing on rehabilitation of productive assets of various types to enhance food production and create access to food (through cash transfers. Additionally, HHs will be engaged in productive activities oriented to create or restore productive community assets as well as assets that enhance communities’ resilience in the face of shocks such as drought, floods and conflict. The project, will also, encourage contribution to assets preservation and encouraging women participation in traditional tribal communities witnessing serious problems with regard to gender equality.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES • To enhance the resilience of crisis-affected rural communities through support to livelihoods stabilisation and recovery. • To alleviate the suffering of the conflict affected and most vulnerable families in Bait AlFakih and Zabid districts - Hodeidah governorate, through involving 557 HHs in cash for work activities that aims at providing cash to access basic food needs. EXPECTED RESULTS Result 1 : HHs in the two targeted districts (557 HHs) participates in the creation / rehabilitation of community assets through cash for work modality. Result 2 : Total amount of cash transfers to the 557 HHs as wages of CFF activities is : 1,470,480 USD over the project`s implementation period (one year).

Bénéficiaires : 3342

Financement : World Food Programme (UNWFP)
Value (GBP) : 167,750

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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