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Innovations for Poverty Action (2012)

Speed School for Out-of-School Children in Mali

Speed School Niger

Innovations for Poverty Action

Titre : Speed School for Out-of-School Children in Mali

Région /Pays : Mali

Date : 2012-2014

Almost a quarter of all primary school age children are not attending school in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this study in southern Mali, researchers evaluated the impact of an accelerated learning program for out-of-school children on the students’ educational achievement, home life, and continuation with schooling. This research aimed to contribute to cost-efficient policies for improved access to, and quality of, education in Mali and beyond.

Sixty-seven million children were out of school across the globe in 2009, and nine of the 17 countries with the highest numbers of out-of-school children are located in Sub-Saharan Africa.1 While remarkable progress has been made in expanding access to primary schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa—the number of out-of-school children decreased from about 43 million to 30 million between 1999 and 2009—23 percent of all primary school-age children still remain out of school across the region.2 One way to address this problem may be accelerated learning programs for out-of-school children that aim to quickly bring them up to grade level and enrolled, or re-enrolled, in the government school system. This study evaluates the impact of such a program.

Taille de l’échantillon  : 2,700 children in 77 villages

Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA)

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