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Drylands Development Program Bridge to Scale


Titre : Drylands Development Program Bridge to Scale

Pays/Région : Ethiopie

IATI Identifiant  : XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000003527

Durée : Planned start date : November 1, 2019 // Planned end date : April 30, 2021

The Drylands Development Programme (DryDev), funded through DGIS (2013-2019), is a farmer led initiative that aimed to contribute towards a vision where smallholder farmers in dryland areas transition from subsistence farming and emergency aid to sustainable rural development. External review conducted by Training & Consultancy Ede in 2018 found that DryDev Ethiopia achieved in rehabilitating degraded land, increase of crop and livestock productivity, improved household in come, the access to inputs, markets and credit and overall livelihood improvement. As other do nors (Global Affairs Canada and the Government of Finland) has shown serious interest in upscal ing the best practices and lessons learned from DryDev, EKN proposed to finance the bridging phase to enable DryDev to transition in a model suitable for upscaling. The upscaling model will consist of an integrated approach touching upon the food-water-climate nexus and will be further developed by maintaining current interventions in three areas and commencing implementation in , , thereby also increasing the value for money, as equipment has been pur chased under DryDev I

Mise en oeuvre  : World Vision

Budget  : €827,059


Objectives / Purpose of activity (pdf)

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