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Iraq Horticulture Development Program


Titre : Iraq Horticulture Development Program

Pays/Région : Irak

IATI Identifiant  : XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000003256

Durée : Planned start date : December 1, 2019 // Planned end date : November 30, 2023

The aim of Iraq Horticulture Development Program is to improve the resilience of the horticulture sector in Iraq, support food security, and strengthen the resilience of food systems

The proposed intervention focuses on rehabilitation and improvement of on-farm management prac tices to enhance efficiency introducing innovative technologies in the agriculture sector and off-farm value chains. The intervention also builds on and contributes to the creation of an enabling environ ment for the development of market systems and structures that motivate farmers to participate and invest in agricultural sector development and growth. The proposed intervention will be strategic in that it will demonstrate the potential of the sector to contribute to economic recovery, by reviving livelihoods and contributing to employment generation for women and youth in rural Iraq.

Mise en oeuvre  : No organisation name specified

Budget  : EUR 8.556.267


Objectives / Purpose of activity (pdf)

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