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Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Phase III)


Titre : Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Phase III)

Région/Pays : Afghanistan

Identifiant IATI : XM-DAC-41304-526AFG4002

Date/Durée : PLANNED START DATE 2019-12-16 // PLANNED END DATE 2022-06-30

Aperçu du projet
The Bamiyan Cultural Centre project was planned at the request of the local community and is being implemented with its support. The main goal of the Bamiyan Cultural Centre Phase III is to finalize the activities of the previous phases and to deliver a fully operational and sustainable center which will foster the cultural enjoyment of the community, strengthen the development of its creative industries as a leverage for the economic development of the province and promote outreach activities for an enhanced interpretation of the rich culture of the Bamiyan Valley.

Organisations participantes : Republic of Korea

Budget cumulé : 3 496 272 $

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