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Dairy processing plant in Afghanistan


Titre : Dairy processing plant in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Dates : Start date : 1 January 2012 // End date : 20 June 2017

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-PSIP11AF25

Programme : Private Sector Investment programme (PSI)

Afghanistan has a tradition of consuming dairy products. Afghans have a preference for pasteurised or raw milk products. Due to the war, those products are hardly available. Dairy products, locally produced as well as imported, are sterilised (UHT) and therefore not to the taste of Afghan consumers. Locally produced milk is often of dubious quality. The applicant, and a not yet existing local partner, will set up a dairy production plant.
The joint venture will recombine milk powder and produce pasteurised milk, Aryan (yoghurt drink) and Afghan yoghurt through a location in Afghanistan. Eventually, they will use fresh milk and increase their range of products. They aim at slightly affluent Afghans who are now buying expensive imported dairy products.
Besides the expertise of the applicant, they have found a Dutch knowlegde institute willing to support this project with a team of experts that will give technical assistance from the design of the plant to installation and training of employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The company wants to set an example for CSR in practise : supporting the development of the local community, hiring local employees, workplace health and safety, non-discrimination, no child labour, environmental management and responsibility to suppliers. In addition the company will spend part of its profits on local welfare projects.

Partenaire (s) : Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Budget Total : €970,085

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

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