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Swedish Research Council (SRC) 2019

Water research collaboration in the eastern Nile Basin

Water Collaboration Nile Basin

Titre : Water research collaboration in the eastern Nile Basin

Pays/Région : Eastern Nile Basin

Date : 1 January 2019–31 December 2020

Identifiant : 2018-04975_VR

A research network will be set up with partners from Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and Sweden to address how climate change driven water hazards (floods and droughts) impact on poor and vulnerable populations in communities in the eastern Nile basin countries.

The result will provide guidance to policy and decision makers on how resilience can be strengthened in the affected communities. This will contribute to reduced poverty, strengthened resilience and improved security (livelihood, water, food and political) in the region. This in turn is likely to reduce the need for forced migration within and beyond the region.The research network will provide an important non-political science based dialogue platform among the eastern Nile basin countries, with the ability to balance the infected political dialogue linked to the Nile basin water resources. Swedish research and policy support on water diplomacy will be strengthened and the ability of Swedish actors to have tangible and positive influence on transboundary water dialogues in the Nile basin will be improved.The research will be implemented through a series of joint research planning and proposal writing meetings in the Nile basin and in Sweden (e.g participation in the World Water Week in Stockholm). The Research School on International Water Cooperation hosted by Uppsala university on behalf of the International Centre for Water Cooperation, a UNESCO category II centre housed by SIWI, will coordinate the research network.

Coordination : Stockholm International Water Institute

Financement : Swedish Research Council
Budget : 759,800 kr

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