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Swedish Research Council (SRC) 2016

Biochar in Kenya - quality, soil fertility and crop production

Biochar Kenya

Titre : Biochar in Kenya - quality, soil fertility and crop production

Pays/Région : Kenya

Date : 1 January 2016–31 December 2018

Identifiant : 2015-01648_Formas

Bio-char attracts attention for the potential to enhance soil fertility, sequester carbon and provide options for energy-efficient and labour-reducing food preparation through bio-char producing stoves. Building on a first stage exploratory project, the goals of the proposed project are to understand effects of biochar quality on soil fertility and crop production, in three regions in Kenya.

Research methodologies in the proposed project include both strategic research identifying and characterizing organic resources used as feedstocks for biochar (WP1) and understanding effect of application of biochar to soils in relation to nutrient use efficiency and crop productivity (WP 2), as well as participatory action research to provide on-farm science-based evidence related to use of biochar in the farming system (WP3) as well as developing a decision support system for use of biochar (WP4). The project will run for 3 years, in three sites in Kenya, involving a team of experienced researchers from SLU and IITA. The proposed project will fill knowledge gaps on understanding farmer ?s constraints and opportunities in relation to producing and using biochar on-farm. With this knowledge, it will be possible to identify when and how biochar can be beneficial components in bio-based economies.

Coordination : Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Financement : Formas
Budget : 3,000,000 kr

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