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Swedish Research Council (SRC) 2020

Protein fibers for water purification (Ethiopia)

Water Purification Fibers

Titre : Protein fibers for water purification (Ethiopia)

Pays/Région : Ethiopie

Date : 1 January 2020–31 December 2022

Identifiant : 2019-00679_Formas

There exists a wide variety of needs for water purification, this is particularly true for developing countries such asEthiopia. In this research proposal a group of Swedish and Ethiopian researchers will collaborate on developmentof materials that can be used for water purification in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is currently modernizing at rapid speedand as a result there is a concomitant industralisation. Emissions from various industries of pollutants such asheavy metals is a rapidly increasing problem. We will investigate the use of proteinfibrils as adsorbents and as components in membranes for water purification of metal ions.The project will involve investigation of protein fiber formation ; functionalization of protein fibers, in order toincrease the adsorption capacity ; and formation of different types of membranes/adsorbents made up either fromprotein fibers or combinations between protein fibers and other materials. We will also prepare compositesbetween protein fibers and conductive materials, with the aim of being able to regenerate membranes/adsorbentselectrochemically. We will also evaluate regeneration (or decomposition) of adsorbents/membranes by chemicalmethods. The resulting membranes/adsorbents will be evaluated regarding their capacity to adsorb metal ions. In this manner we hope to develop new efficient low cost materials for waterpurification.

Coordination : Linköping University

Financement : Formas
Budget : 3,000,000 kr

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