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Support of small farmers and farmer education on the island of Sokotra (Yemen)


Titre : Support of small farmers and farmer education on the island of Sokotra (Yemen)

Pays/Région : Yemen

Date : 2012 – 2014

Identifiant : 08/2012/01

The development objective of the project is to support the target population of the island of Socotra in an effort to increase their food security and nutritional quality of food while using educational activities in the field of small-scale farming to increase food and economic self-sufficiency of the local community. There is also continuing support of people with an interest to establish or expand their small-scale home gardens and nurseries that produce seedlings of crops and endemic species. More than thirty agroforestry objects and school gardens serve as model objects and examples of good practice.

More specifically, the project was dedicated to the construction and operation of buildings and agroforestry management training for employees of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), as well as to support of private or school gardens in the target area. Experts from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)Training were supported by training and they continue their studies at Mendel University in Brno. The follow-up training of local communities and school staff was done under the supervision of experts from Mendel University and also through experts (trained in the first year of the project). Teaching in the school gardens was held in collaboration with local teachers, who in the next stage, lead the training of students within schools.

Partenaire de mise en œuvre : Mendelova University in Brno (MENDELU)

Financement :
Total anticipated budget : 10 674 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2012 : 4 000 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2013 : 4 674 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2016 : 2 700 000 CZK

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