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Job creation for potential migrants in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)


Titre : Job creation for potential migrants in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Pays/Région : Ethiopie

Date : 2018

Identifiant : DP-2018-085-DO-16020

The primary objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of irregular migration from Northern and Central Ethiopia, by improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable members of the population, including potential migrants and returnees, and with a specific focus on youth and women. The aim is to establish inclusive economic programmes that create decent employment opportunities for potential migrants, returnees and refugees – especially women and youths – in the most migration-prone regions of Addis Ababa. This will be done by strengthening the capacities of local vocational training providers (TVET) in the sector of leather, construction and metal work, and promoting public private partnerships (PPPs) in strategic economic clusters.

Partenaire de mise en œuvre : People in Need

Financement :
Total anticipated budget : 12 318 227 CZK
Financial resources provided by CzDA in 2018 : 1 027 000 CZK

Czech Development Agency

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